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Ageless Elegance for the Australian Woman

Welcome to Linen with Luvβ€”where we celebrate the timeless grace and sophistication of mature-aged women in Australia. Every woman, at every beautiful stage of her life, deserves clothing that mirrors her wisdom, elegance and confidence. Our family-owned Australian label curates a collection that does just thatβ€”offering stylish, ethical and size-inclusive clothing made from 100% natural materials.

Each piece, whether our luxurious linen or our exquisite non-linen selections, is crafted with mature elegance in mind. We are devoted to offering only the best to ensure affordability without skimping on quality. The raving reviews from our esteemed clientele bear testament to our commitment, echoing the trust and love they place in our creations.

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Linen with Luv is more than just a brand; it's a movement of love and care. Beyond our commitment to fashion lies a deeper dedication to the community. Every purchase you make intertwines your style story with our mission of compassion. We give back generously to the charities close to our heart, making sure that as we adorn you in our creations, we also touch lives and make a difference.

Embark on this beautiful journey with us, where we, as a close-knit Australian family, are crafting not just clothing but memories, warmth and joy for our radiant ladies over 55. Celebrate the essence of being an Australian woman with us, embracing fashion that truly resonates with your spirit. Cheers to style, soul and sisterhood! xx

Discover timeless elegance tailored to you. Shop now and embrace the ageless charm of Linen with Luv.

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The Charities We Support are - Bali International Women's Association (BIWA) and Bali Street Mums

  • πŸ’• Supporting Bali Street Mums

  • πŸ’• End children begging

  • πŸ’• Safehouse for them

  • πŸ’• Making big difference

  • πŸ’• Our donations matter

β‹’ Providing safe house for children & mothers begging & trafficked in Bali. β‹’ Charitable Foundation Human Rights Certified


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Pearl Necklace & Earrings Set

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